Saturday, August 11, 2012

So what if I am addicted?

So I guess it is no secret that when I get into these extreme fitness kicks I take it to the max. It may still be a secret to some but  I am unstoppable, I know my dedication to running and working off what I did to my body will beat anyones talent out there. When I finally stand in front of the mirror in a single digit dress size I will finally know I conquered my fears and became exactly who I always wanted to be. I am not saying that your weight defines who you are but to me personally it does. I love to run and I can go fast and hard, and I wont stop until I am out of breath and completely covered in sweat. But when some of your body parts such as my tummy,face, and back don't match my limbs it makes me upset. I have worked hard to get my stamina and endurance up and last year I pledged to never see "that" weight on the scale again. So here I go again, working hard and working out harder and eating clean.

So a couple of addictions for me lately are Broccoli- is it such a healthy veggie and I love it just boiled with nothing on it. The scale- I know most people say don't stand on it daily but it keep me on track and it gives that extra boost to strap on my shoes and get running when I know my goals are closer than ever. Water- I am drinking all day long, no pop or juice for this girl.

So here are some body shots of my journey, as well as some of my favorite fitness things that keep me going.

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